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Alvaro Laiz: Wonderland

Posted  July 22, 2014  by  Emaho Magazine

Venezuela – Wonderland The Delta of Amacuro in eastern Venezuela is one of the most inhospitable places in the world. For the last 8500 years ago the Warao indians have turned its 20.000 km² of water canals and swamps into their home. Despite the strong acculturation they have suffered because of colonialism, Warao people have […]

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I am an Educator.Manal Al Dowayan.ImageCourtesy of Cudro Gallery
Art & Culture

Manal Al Dowayan: “I have a fear of making bad art, but not of the imagined repercussions”

Posted  July 19, 2014  by  Emaho Magazine

Saudi Arabia – Hailing from a country fraught daily with controversy and oppression, Manal Al Dowayan has blazed into the Saudi art movement with an unprecedentedly vital voice. The 39-year-old has emblazoned a tone of both rebellion and serene contemplation upon the past, present and future of Saudi history and cultural preoccupation. From outlining vehement […]

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Marlous Van Der Sloot: Le Corps Vecu

Posted  July 16, 2014  by  Manik Katyal

Netherlands – In modern society we often forget that ‘the physical’ is also a source of information. Because of rationalization, we turned away from our primoridial world, convinced that our senses do not learn us anything valuable. Only the objective is worth to hold on to. But we cannot ignore our body and look at […]

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Colin Pantall on Christoph Bangert “War Porn”

Posted  July 14, 2014  by  Emaho Magazine

Germany – During the Spanish war with Napoleonic France, Francisco Goya made The Disasters of War. In three series of prints he detailed the horrors of the  battlefield, the slow suffering of siege and starvation and the re-establishment of a corrupt elite. The pictures were made between 1810-1820, but were not published until 1863, 15 […]

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Book Review

Jeroen Toirkens: Solitude

Posted  July 8, 2014  by  Emaho Magazine

Netherlands – In April 2013 Jeroen Toirkens and Petra Sjouwerman travelled by car, boat, bus and snowmobile across the Barents region, the last remaining wilderness in Europe. They partly followed the so-called Barents-road, which just like the region, is named after the 16th century Dutch polar explorer Willem Barentsz. They started this extraordinary journey of […]

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Erieko Koga - Asakusa Zenzai

The photo whisperer : Yumi Goto

Japan -  Yumi Goto has helped many of the world’s photography festivals to be presented in the light they deserve. She wit...
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DJ Mo City, Mr Herbalist, Diggy Dang

Stepping it up : Reggae Rajahs

India -  Diggy Dang, DJ MoCity (Iraq’s first Soundboy) and Mr Herbalist-are the aliases that point to the arrival of d...
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Our Gurkhas

Singapore - Our Gurkhas is an anthology of portraits and anecdotes of the retired Singapore Gurkhas as they reminisce about ...
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Laughter lines

India- The usual routine that most working professionals follow these days is, approximately, this- Wake up, bathe (or feel l...
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The Campsite with our bright yellow tents ©  Christina Zierold

Going Loco in Lombok: Scaling Mt. Rinjani

Indonesia - We don’t realize how many life changing or rather life enhancing decisions are made while lounging in universit...
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Accessing the new underground : Andrew Clarence

India - Music Interview Andrew Clarence is an Indian video journalist and the brain behind Tehelka’s ‘The Music Proje...
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Not Quite A Family Album

India -  I live in a curious house—old and ramshackled, with  unexplored corners. All through mychildhood, I would tap on...
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meerasethicats (2)

United colours of Diaspora

Canada- The Indo Canadian artist Meera Sethi’s art seduces you to the land of extravagant colours, extraordinary union of g...
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A different side of Amsterdam

Netherlands - Amsterdam is known the world over as party central and it sure is. For those who haven’t been there bear in m...
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