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Daisuke Yokota: Vertigo

Posted  September 1, 2014  by  Manik Katyal

Japan –   In 2011, his self published artist book “Back Yard” had great feedback and dramatic diffusion. Start by that, he expands his work frame at both home and abroad and he held his solo exhibition “site/cloud” at G/P Gallery in Japan, published photo book from Artbeat Publishers, and became first winner of “The […]

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Julia Borissova: The Farther Shore

Posted  August 30, 2014  by  Manik Katyal

Russia –   The book “The Farther Shore” is about how the history of the past and present endowed with memory intertwines in today’s space. The pictures for this book were taken in Russia on the Volga River where in the 1930’s a hydrosystem was built.  The area of about 4600 was flooded and […]

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Yoshinori Mizutani: Tokyo Parrots

Posted  August 27, 2014  by  Emaho Magazine

Japan –   When I saw the hordes of parrots of several hundred birds, I was very scared, it was like, I had fallen into the movie “bird” directed by Hitchcock. Birds in this photo were brought to Japan as pets from the tropics in 70′s, and went feral; settling inTokyo. Parrots should not be in Tokyo. I was shocked […]

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Shahria Sharmin: Call me Heena

Posted  August 25, 2014  by  Manik Katyal

Bangladesh -    “I feel like a mermaid. My body tells me that I am a man but my soul tells me that I am a woman. I am like a flower, a flower that is made of paper. I shall always be loved from a distance, never to be touched and no smell to […]

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FotoBookFestival 2014: Photobook Dummy Award Announced

Posted  August 24, 2014  by  Manik Katyal

Germany -  Final jury for the FotoBookFestival 2014 Dummy Award were: Deanne Templeton, Cristina de Middel, Todd Hido, Carlos Spottorno, Manik Katyal, Gunnar Kettler and Benjamin Füglister. The winner was announced on Thursday August 21th, at The PhotoBookMuseum Cologne. The first prize goes to Irina Rozovsky for her book Island on my mind(Featured). This shortlisted dummy impressed the […]

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Red Righteous Hood : Laal Band

Pakistan - “Revolutions spark inexplicably, when the bar goes above the bearable”. Way back in 2007, when lawyers in Pak...
by Emaho Magazine


Clutter Cutter

India- Posters are an integral part of creative events being fundamentally responsible for inciting the ambience, purpose and...
by Emaho Magazine

Hijacked III exhibition in QUAF Gallery image by Chris Seddon

Forward FORMAT : Louise Clements

United Kingdom - With her name among the top 40 creatives in the European Review of Photography, Louise Clements is the brain...
by Manik Katyal



A Travelling Willbury : Imani uzuri

U.S.A. -  Based out of North Carolina, U.S.A, Imani Uzuri is a singer, songwriter and above all, a musician of travellers’...
by Emaho Magazine

1. Young monks,  Sumur Gompa, Nubra Valley.

Monks, land and symbols : Yannick Cormier

France - This series of photographs were taken this summer in Ladakh when I gave a workshop with my friends from Travelling L...
by Emaho Magazine

Slip-n-sliding down tomato filled streets

Splatter Parade

Spain - When you are less than five feet tall, it is evident you don’t stand much chance in a stampede. That is what my fir...
by Emaho Magazine



Natural Causes have Surreal Effects

U.S.A. - When you first glance at some of Shay Kun‘s works, they look digitally manipulated, constructed in the form of...
by Emaho Magazine


Emaho and Sam Harris Documentary photography workshop

 India- “BACK TO SCHOOL” The five day documentary photography workshop organised by Team Emaho and Sam Harris as the men...
by Emaho Magazine


Identity Critical : Javed Iqbal

India - Formally an investigate reporter for the New Indian Express, Javed Iqbal is a freelance journalist who is known for h...
by Emaho Magazine