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Rena Effendi: Liquid Land

Posted  April 19, 2014  by  Manik Katyal

Azerbaijan -  “Liquid Land is co-authored with my father Rustam Effendi, a dissident scientist and entomologist who devoted his life to studying, hunting and collecting over 90,000 butterflies in the Soviet Union. Inherited by the Azerbaijani State Institute of Zoology after his death in 1991, his vast collection has disintegrated. Alongside thousands of glass boxes […]

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Francesca Seravalle on Paul Kooiker “HE SHE WE”

Posted  April 15, 2014  by  Emaho Magazine

 Holland – THIS STORY CONTAINS EXPLICIT CONTENT Hidden from indiscreet eyes, in his room, in a heavenly garden or exposed (for him only) in an abandoned showground: Paul Kooiker is obsessed with female nudity. Using female bodies, Kooiker interrogates the photographic spectator. He hunts unknown women with ads in local newspapers or on the Internet. […]

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WORKSHOPS with Cristina de Middel and Ricardo Cases

Posted  April 9, 2014  by  Emaho Magazine

Organized by EMAHO and IED MADRID June 19-22nd June,2014 India   Shooting, Editing and Photo-book Making with Cristina de Middel and Riccardo Cases   The recent success of the Spanish photobook has produced much curiosity and a quest for the reasons for this development. In addition to the international prizes for books by Spanish authors […]

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Stalin K: “Without activism, there would be no journalism, and no photo series”

Posted  April 7, 2014  by  Emaho Magazine

India -  Documentary filmmaker, media trainer and human rights activist, Stalin K co-founded the international community media organisation, Video Volunteers. The organisation provides people in the underdeveloped areas of India with the means to develop video journalism skills and enables them to uncover underreported stories from their own communities. In a recent venture with Magnum Foundation, the organisation delved […]

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Barmer Boys: Nomad Merasi Minstrels

Posted  April 4, 2014  by  Emaho Magazine

India –   Blending an emphatically distinguishable medley of traditional and contemporary sounds, the Barmer Boys underline eclecticism as they infuse harmonies from instruments like the morchang, bhapang and khartaan with much-forgotten relevance.  Mangey Khan, Rais Khan and Magda Khan reinvigorate Indian folk melodies and defy generic musical clamor as they talk to Emaho about their […]

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Picture by: McKay Jaffe

‘I must be Dead’: McKay Jaffe’s works

U.S.A.- It was another mundane afternoon. In between Googleing myself and writing cheesy comments under my friends’ status...
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Point and shoot

Pakistan - Photography Interview- Student photographer Asef Ali Mohammad from Middlesex University, UK, was announced as the ...
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Be it English, Russian, French or their mainstream genre of Yiddish melodies, the five piece  band has a bullhorn, Soukou, makossa, guitars and sax in the menu. They walk along  hip hop, rock and traditional African influences, with all of them being immigrants to  the Mediterranean port from  different parts of the world. Surprisingly, they all started out their music careers in the Marsillies jazz scene, playin in an around the jazz clubs in there.

Global Hebrew Vibes — Sound of the Kabbalah

France - The sound of the Kabbalah is something that is very common, might just appear to come out of a vault. It’s a sound...
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City in the rain
© Nidhi Chanani

When art came calling in- Nidhi Chanani

San Fransisco- Nidhi Chanani gets candid about her work with Surabhi Chowdhary. She talks about how she started out as an ar...
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Fast to Cleanse

India - Chanting “Om mane padme hum”, spinning the prayer wheel and rosary are common visuals at any place at any time...
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Ljuba Davis ensemble band

Soul sister : Ljuba Davis

New York - Ljuba  Davis speaks of her ladino and sephardic musical influences with Sahil Sharma.   Some ballads,  lullabie...
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Tim Dangaran- Mark Detail

When time stood still, and was caught on canvas

U.S.A.-   Tim Dangaran shares his passion for black and white paintings and illustrations with Habiba Insaf. A black and...
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ismaelferdoousclimate (8)

Climate Trap: Bangladesh – Ismail Ferdous

Bangladesh - The only prospect one can expect to witness in this rural area is the presence of never-ending miles of dead lan...
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Busking is life : Sidewalk Bunch

Israel - If you can play the guitar, sing a little, or play some other instrument, you might  just be a street musician. But...
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