March 20, 2012

The Delhi Jazz Festival, 16th to 18th March 2012

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Written by: Emaho Magazine
Delhi Jazz Music festival

New Delhi, India-

Jazz had Delhi swaying to itsirresistible beats this past weekend. The second annual Delhi Jazz Festival had music enthusiasts, both young
and old, descending upon Nehru Park from all over the city for three consecutive nights of pure unadulterated jazz. The resulting crowd was far greater than anyone had expected, but Delhi’s learnt to make that a good thing, occasionally!

The festival had nine renowned bands, some of which have been playing for over a decade. The line-up included three bands from India- HFT, Louiz Banks Matrixx and Moonarra- among the rest. The international bands included The Wojtek Mazolewski Quintet from Poland, Dini Virsaladze Quartet from Georgia, Eol Trio from France, The Bica-Daerr-Stick Trio from Germany, Magos Herrara from Mexico and Elkano Browning Cream from Spain. And needless to say, each of them had the crowds begging for more.

The bands played for a good forty-five minutes each and had their own signature styles from Louiz Banks Matrixx’s progressive jazz to the resplendent Spanish vocals of Magos Herrara, the festival provided a variety of jazz that would fit the tastes of any Delhi-ite at all.

With the weather siding with the Delhi-ites, the chaatwalas looming about with goodies, the mosquitoes at bay (somehow!), the park decked up in all its glory and the artists playing all that was music to the ears, the festival had all of us yearning for more, was definitely organized impeccably and seems to be getting better by the year!

Written and photographed by: Marukh Budhraja

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