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March 22, 2012

Hunting for quiet places

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Written by: Emaho Magazine


Kristina Mesaros belongs to an increasingly distinctive stream of young painters, whose productions are evolving individually and without an excessive aspiration to be integrated in the movement of contemporary painting trends and general tendencies. Her creative program is based on the drawing of personal and internal sources of imagination, her own narration and symbolism. This is the kind of approach which puts first the motivation to express and describe the inner world rather than commenting and reflecting on major social issues of today. Kristina Mesaros studied graphics at the Academy of Fine Art and Design in Bratislava. Later she individually focused on painting, which became the main medium of her creation. Her approach to painting has evolved naturally from a linear, graphical understanding of the flat canvas to today’s emphasis on the expression of colour and light composition.

Kristina′s paintings predominantly focus on stories. Memories and impressions inspire her to create poetic fantasy scenes, in which the natural environment plays an important role and interacts with a figure. The world which Kristina examines is based on both real and imaginary experiences – moments when human perception escapes normal life and flies to unknown lands.

Article by: Jana Zilcayova
Artist Statement by: Diana Majdakova
Artwork by: Kristina Mesaros

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