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March 15, 2012

Drawing: a self picturesque diary!

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Written by: Emaho Magazine


One day, I realized that a well-paying government job is too “serious” a
life to live, so I followed my passion in art and started to study
photography. I doodled a lot during my theory classes. These doodles
evolved into animated prints for clothes and later into a gallery of

Drawing is an expression for me, a self-picturesque diary telling of my
fortunate and intimate encounters with life.

I think about the place or situation and how life brings me there
in an instant image. Sometimes I invent characters, things or
situations to translate a part of my life. In one drawing, I drew a cute, old grey haired man with three
dogs and within 2 weeks I lived next to a man like that. So who knows
where my drawings will take me. I am very fortunate to be able to live a
spontaneous life. In the early days of my drawings I didn’t care about
emotions, so there was not always a happy ending. However more
recently, a more vibrant outward and inward look on my life and other
peoples’ way of living is being expressed through my works. We have one
sentence in Slovak language and it is “Draw it for yourself”, so I do.

Written by: Alexandra Ilkivova
Art by: Alexandra Ilkivova

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